About Us

How did the Amaro siblings start their business Amaro Soaps & Co. at the age of 13,15 and 16 years old?

It all started with the scarcity of products in Cuba. Our great grandmother would make soap with our dad, since he was 5yrs old from scratch based off what she learned from her mom and grandparents. Because back then there was no personal hygiene products in stores, and they had to make handmade artisan goat milk soaps.

They would make soap in a tin can with goat’s milk and mix it with a wooden stick. Which they would take turns stirring as it would take hours to combine and bring it to trace. (Which is the consistence that soap should be poured at.) They would pour into a wooden mold. And would unmold the next day. Our great grandmother would always emphasize the importance to add the goat’s milk. He would work on the farm since he was a kid with his dad and grandfather.

And at the age of 12 he would work the whole farm of 29 acres all on his own and make the soap since his grandparents were ill and dad was working. With no technological advancement or with tools other than their bulls, horses, and hands. He would use his hand to milk the goats, bulls to break the dirt down and plant for the season. He had the responsibility of planting, and raising, and making everything his family would consume or use.  His whole life he was dreaming to come to the United States to have liberty and live the American dream.

Once he was 19yrs old he told his dad he would be coming to create a better life for his family. He cut the roof of an ambulance and turned it over and used it as a raft to come to Miami, FL. He thought he would be able to get from the coast of Cuba to Miami, FL from dusk to dawn. However, it ended up being an 8-day journey without any food and water. They went through rough waters and all, and made it to land at Hallandale Beach, Florida. Once our dad arrived here in the U.S. he didn’t make soap since you can pretty much buy it anywhere here. ​After we were born Ruben and Carolina had bad eczema, and our dad would think that no one in our family in Cuba ever had eczema or any other skin conditions.

Our dad dreamed of having a farm here to raise us kids and teach us where and how our food comes from, and to teach us the farm way of life. So, we bought our own goats and started making our own goats milk soap and doing lots of research. After making and using our own natural goats milk soap we were able to solve their eczema. This was when we realized with our dad realized the real significance and power of our great grandmother’s goat milk soap recipe. Although we have made some adjustments with scents and pigments it is still as real as you can get it with only 8 ingredients and made with our very own farm fresh goats’ milk, which Carolina milks our goats every morning.

We believe that if it was able to make a difference for our family that it can help your family. We have formed a company based off faith, family, liberty, and hope. With a goal to provide products that are natural and non-toxic chemicals. And not only that you can use the natural goats milk soap on the most sensitive of skins, but that you can pronounce the ingredients. We have also done our own goat milk lotions, goay milk bath bombs, sugar scrubs, lip balms and candles. We are very proud of our family, lifestyle, and everything we have accomplished together with god.